Soap Stick - Tea Tree Mint

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We took one of our favorite body & foot soaps, Tea Tree Mint, added some powdered Pumice for exfoliation, and put it in a handy twist-up stick for your convenience. Perfect to keep in your home shower, throw in your travel bag, then use again wherever you land! Anywhere you go, now your favorite soap can go, too! What's even better, this container will help your soap last longer than ever! Now, about the soap itself: A mix of Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil and Triple Distilled Peppermint Essential Oil combined with ground peppermint leaf makes this soap an exhilarating yet antiseptic good time. Because of the cleansing and antiseptic properties of the essential oils, this soap is also great for problem skin (acne, poison ivy, feet...). The pumice adds the perfect amount of exfoliation to help scrub away any remains of the day. Net Wt 2.4 oz